Inga Milne

IM Photo Studio Photographer

Hi! It's me - Inga Milne and I am the face behind IM Photo Studio camera. My inspiration for photography has always been my family. I'm a wife & mum to three girls and it has always been important to me to capture beautiful, quality photographs of my children and us, as a family. I treasure our portraits and they are a visual reminder of the love we hold for each other. This was my main motivation to open a photography studio and offer this experience to other families. 

I feel honoured to capture a family's most precious memories and present them in a beautiful way in a form of quality photographs, prints & products. Another important aspect to me, when designing the studio was to create a comfortable space, in order to offer a positive, relaxed & straight forward experience to families, who visit the studio.

As a parent myself, I understand the challenges of raising children and other life/work commitments, however I would like to encourage you to take the initiative and create something special, that will be truly treasured for years to come. Your unique family, 

captured in the comfort of my studio. 

After I started photographing children & families, my path crossed with several passionate brands and businesses, who shared my values and appreciation for quality photography. I started working with brands, who offer quality products aimed at children, that support their learning & creativity, while promoting equality & diversity, as well as aiding positive family relationships. This was an important step in the photography work that I do - creative commercial content for passionate brands and businesses. 


With fashion branding & marketing background and luxury retail environment working experience, I felt that combined with my photography technical & creative skills, It could be a true asset to brands & businesses, who share my family values and want to communicate their unique story to their audiences through creative visual content. 

 I work with passionate brands and businesses, who understand the importance of quality images that effectively communicate the unique features of their product/service and the value that it offers. I feel honoured to be a part of that journey, supporting your brand with creative, visual content, that will showcase your product/service at its full potential. From simple white background shots for your e-commerce store to creative lifestyle shots, that will demonstrate your product effectively and help to differentiate your brand in the highly competitive, fast-paced world that we now live in. 

As a parent and photographer, I understand the dynamics of both, children & family photography and commercial product & lifestyle photography. I value your personal and professional dedication, and my main goal is to support you with quality images that meet or exceed your expectations.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about what I do,



Inga Milne, IM Photo Studio